10 Best Pocket Door Locks of 2023 (Review and Guide)

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Need privacy for different areas of your home? Looking for the genius locking solutions for all kinds of rooms?

Best Pocket Door Lock

Then, pocket door lock is the hardware that makes all the difference. A pocket door not only gives you added privacy but also some security inside your home as well

Here we’ve compiled 10 great locks for your pocket doors.

Stay with us to read our reviews of some of the best pocket door locks available and to reveal more about this type of door lock.

Best Pocket Door Locks – Our Top Picks

  1. Best user-friendly: Lockwood CL4ENTR: An aesthetically pleasing door lock that works on standard doors, exceeds 30,000 turn cycles, withstands 3kN pull force, is easy to use, and comes with a door lock key and in a matte silver finish.
  2. Best heavy-duty: Deltana SDLA325U15: A well-made lock for sliding doors that boasts a solid brass construction, features reversible handing, is easy to install, fits 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thick doors and comes with a satin nickel finish
  3. Best for modern homes: EMTEK 210215: A contemporary rectangular high-quality lock that fits 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thick doors, boasts a solid brass construction, comes with a strike plate, is reversible for left or right handing and comes in a satin nickel finish.
  4. Best reversible: HOMOTEK 43237-2: A door lock that enables you to lock from the interior, boasts a durable stainless steel construction, comes with reversible plates, has decorative coined edges, fits 1 3/8” – 1 ¾” thick doors, and comes in an oil-rubbed bronze finish.
  5. Best functional round lock: Stone Harbor Hardware 38020: A highly functional and sturdy round door lock that features an interior turn button, has a latch that opens with a finger push and comes in a 2 ¾” or 2 3/8” backset.
  6. Best for bath and interior bedroom doors: Kwikset 335: This door lock fits any standard 2 1/8” door, is easy to install, comes with universal handing, has an adjustable pop-out latch, is easy to lock and unlock from the exterior and boasts a satin nickel finish.
  7. Best budget: SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619, Sliding DR Lock: A budget-friendly sliding door lock that fits doors 1 8/8” – 1 ½” thick, features solid brass construction, has reversible plates and is easy to install.
  8. Best build quality: Prime-Line N 7368: A non-handed door lock that is made from solid brass, is easy to install on both right and left-handed pocket doors, fits doors measuring 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thickness and comes in a classic bronze finish.
  9. Best for single or converging door: Johnson Hardware 15213PK1: This door lock offers the simplest locking mechanism, comes with an automatic latching, fits doors with a thickness of 35mm to 45mm and has a bright brass finish.
  10. Best for 2 1/8” doors: Citiloc Pocket Door Latch: An easy to install high-quality, innovative door lock that is highly functional, locks securely and comes with a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish.

Here Are the Best Pocket Door Locks for 2023

Here are more details on top 10 pocket door locks products from popular pocket door lock hardware brands: Citiloc, Stone Harbor Hardware, PRIME-LINE, Kwikset, Lockwood, Emtek, Schlage, HOMOTEK and Johnson Hardware.

Ok! On to the reviews!

1. Lockwood CL4ENTR Keyed Pocket Door Lock

Lockwood CL4ENTR Keyed Pocket Door Lock


  • Retractable door pull
  • Key locking and turn function
  • Matte silver (satin chrome) finish
  • Full-length Brass keys

Looking for the best lock for pocket door with key?

Lockwood CL4ENTR is the aesthetically pleasing door lock solution for a cavity sliding door. Combining the innovative design, elegance and user-friendliness, this pocket door keyed lock is the perfect security solution for any home décor.

CL4ENTR is one of the best chrome pocket door locks with keys. It will work on 1 3/8 – 1 3/4” thick door. The outside is lockable/ unlockable by key whereas the inside is by turn-plate.

 This Key lockable solution is tested to meet or exceed 30,000 turn cycles withstanding 3kN of pull force. That means it’ll provide you the highest level of security and durability.

The matte silver finish will add a contemporary look to your internal bathroom or lounge room. Additionally, you can fit this key lockable entrance-set to the interconnecting door from the garage to the laundry for security.

This pocket door security lock is designed after extensive research. Its innovative retractable door combines functionality with style. It easily fits into a standard 54mm (2.12 inch) door preparation with a 60mm (2.36 inch) backset.

Ultimately, it’s a fantastic cavity pocket door key lock for sliding door that is well worth the asking price.


  • Designed in Australia
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Elegant looking
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with pocket door lock key


  • Expensive for what it is

2. Deltana SDLA325U15 Privacy HD Pocket Lock

Deltana SDLA325U15 Privacy HD Pocket Lock


  • Solid brass construction
  • Adjustable
  • Reversible Handing
  • Satin Nickel finish

this well-made heavy-duty pocket door lock from Deltana. It’s a reliable choice for all sliding doors. It’s available in an array of fine finishes- each of which are packed with mounting hardware.

The solid brass construction makes this lock more substantial and stronger that not only limits wear but also resists corrosion. The lock features reversible handing that allows installation on both left and right handed doors.

The lock is easy to install and it fits fine to 1-3/8 to 1-3/4″ thick doors. And it comes with one year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.


  • Great looking
  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality


  • Need to make adjustments to secure item to the door
  • Tiny knob, hard to turn

3. Rectangular Pocket Door Lock Set – Emtek 210215

Rectangular Pocket Door Lock Set, Emtek 210215


  • Modern Rectangular design
  • Solid-Brass Construction
  • Reversible for Left or Right Handing
  • Includes Privacy Function
  • Standard Door Prep
  • Satin Nickel finish

Emtek is a great brand in the door hardware and door product market, with many fantastic items to their name, and this Pocket Door Privacy Lock Set is no exception.

Emtek Pocket Door Privacy Lock Set is a clean, contemporary rectangular design high-quality lock. This style is well-suited to any modern home décor.

This best quality pocket door locking hardware fits to 1 3/8” to 1 ¾ inches thick door. It also includes strike plate of dimensions 2 ½” H x 1” W X 1/16” D. It requires special door preparation: a standard edge of door prep 3 3/16”H x 1 ¾” W.

The high quality, solid brass construction combine two surface pulls and an edge pull in the same unit. Its premium quality construction offers you uncompromising strength and durability.

Finally, this Emtek pocket door lock is available in six wonderful finishes to coordinate finishes with your door hardware or home décor.


  • High-quality
  • Sleek new style
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 6 Finishes


  • Somewhat difficult locking mechanism

4. Privacy Sliding Door Lock with pull – HOMOTEK 43237-2

Privacy Sliding Door Lock with pull, HOMOTEK 43237-2


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Reversible (Non-Handed)
  • Decorative Coined Edges
  • Wide, Easy Grip Design
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

HOMOTEK 43237-2 offers reversible design and safety. It allows you to lock your door from the interior. It also comes with reversible plates.

This lock offers pull- handle and lock all-in-one. Installation of this lock is quick and easy. It fits 1-3/8” To 1-3/4” door thickness. It’s non-handed, so it’s perfect for left or right-handed door installation. Moreover, it comes with all hardware and instructions.

The stainless steel construction makes the lock strong and durable. No doubt, it’s sure to last the test of time. It comes with Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. But Brushed Satin Nickel finish is also available.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Well-made
  • Strong and durable


  • Nothing for the price

5. Round Pocket Door Lock – Stone Harbor Hardware 38020

Round Pocket Door Lock, Stone Harbor Hardware 38020


  • Round design
  • Inside turn button
  • Antique Brass finish

This nice-quality door latch from Stone Harbor Hardware is another great option for your pocket door lock. This product features a smart and functional locking design.

Firstly, its round design eliminates the need to cut a notch in your new door. The latch face opens with the push of a finger. and acts as a pull to open the door.

Secondly, the knob and lever of this lock will ensure you the security you need to secure the interior rooms of your home.

There is an inside turn button that helps to lock and unlock the hardware. What’s more, by rotating the exterior unlocking mechanism, you can unlock it from the outside in emergencies.

Finally, it comes in either 2 3/4-inch or 2 3/8-inch backset and available in different finishes

Overall, this pocket door lock will give you a pleasant experience.


  • Sturdy
  • Install easily
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different finish


  • Hard to pull out the release button
  • Difficult to slide open

6. Sliding Pocket Door Lock – Kwikset 335

Sliding Pocket Door Lock, Kwikset 335


  • Round design
  • Thumb pull locking mechanism
  • Adjustable Latch
  • 1/2 in. Latch Throw
  • 2 3/8 in. Latch backset
  • Satin Nickel finish

Next, we have this excellent pocket door lock from the market leader Kwikset. This company has provided trusted and reliable security with style and innovation for over 60 years.

Kwikset 335 Pocket Door Lock is perfect to in bath and interior bed application where privacy is required. It comes with an exclusive round, space-saving design. The round shape eliminates the need to cut a notch in the new door.

 It fits any standard 2 1/8-inch drilled door. What’s more, the lock is easy to install with a standard screwdriver.  It comes with universal handing that means it fits both left-handed and right-handed doors.

The adjustable pop out latch to pull the door is cleaver. Moreover, the unique hook design guarantees locking every time. You can unlock and lock from the exterior side. Its Satin Nickel finish adds a crisp and clean appearance that brings a modern feel to the overall look.

Finally, this Kwikset pocket door lock offers lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

Overall, this lock is a perfect solution to minimalism, and it’ll bring peace of mind ensuring the highest privacy.


  • Innovative design
  • Modern and stylish
  • Perfect for sliding door
  • Crisp, clean appearance
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Not for heavy/ thinner pocket door

7. SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619, Sliding DR Lock

SCHLAGE LOCK CO SC991B-619, Sliding DR Lock


  • Made of solid brass
  • Reversible plate
  • Satin nickel plated

If you’re on a tight budget, then this highly affordable sliding DR lock from Schlage might be worthy of your consideration. Schlage is a renowned brand name for manufacturing quality building hardware for over 120 years. SC991B-619 is a low-cost Schlage pocket door hardware.

SC991B-619 comes pre-assembled. Additionally, it’s easy to install: use screws to secure the lock to the door easily. The installation won’t take more than few minutes.

This lock features solid brass construction. It fits doors 1 3/8” to 1 ½” thick. The plates are reversible for doors opening left to right.

Overall, this Schlage pocket door lock is reasonable for the price. Of course, it isn’t on the high-end of the scale, but it’s a good find for the price.


  • Simple design
  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • Somewhat difficult to turn

8. Lock and Pull – Prime-Line N 7368

Prime-Line N 7368


  • Wide, easy grip design
  • Non-handed (both left and right-handed)
  • Made from solid brass
  • Classic bronze finish
  • Reversible installation

N 7368 is a privacy pocket door pull and lock by Prime-line. The solid bronze construction and classic bronze finish will add a nice upscale look to your door. Moreover, it’s strong and durable to work excellent years to come.

This wonderful pocket door lock is the right choice if you’re looking for a non-handed design. Thanks to its reversible installation that allows you to use it both left and right-handed pocket doors. The wide design offers you easy, better grip on the little handle.

The overall dimension of the lock is 3-3/4 inch tall and 2-1/2 inch deep. It fits doors having 1-3/8 to 1-3/4- inch thickness. Additionally, it comes with all the hardware for installation.

To sum up, it’s the best pocket door hardware for your money!


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to grip


  • Small knob to turn the lock

9. Johnson Hardware 15213PK1

Johnson Hardware 15213PK1


  • Push button latch
  • Universal handing
  • Automatic latching
  • Bright brass finish

Johnson Hardware 15213PK1 is an ideal lock for single or converging interior or residential pocket door application. The brass finish is bright enough to complement any home décor.

This lock requires door thickness 1 3/8” (35mm) to 1 ¾” (45mm) to be installed. You can install into a standard sized door-knob hole. Moreover, the universal handing allows you to set up it for right or left slide direction.

15213PK1 offers the simplest locking mechanism. Simply push in the small white button to lock and big white button to unlock it. It also comes with automatic latching that means when you close the door, it’ll automatically get latched.


  • Convenient
  • Lock Very Well
  • Emergency Release
  • Made in The USA


  • Plastic buttons
  • Only one color available

10. Citiloc Pocket Door Latch

Citiloc Pocket Door Latch


  • Round design
  • Fits Standard Bore at 2-3/8″
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Our last selection is this best Pocket door latch from Citiloc, which is best to use in interior bedroom or bathroom where you need privacy.

Citiloc Pocket Door latch is a high-quality, innovative round shape locking solution. It comes with beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish. It fits a standard 2-1/8 inch drilled door.

Additionally, installation of this lock is a breeze- you only need a standard screwdriver.

Overall, it’s one of the best pocket door hardware available at present.


  • Nice looking
  • Well-made & functional
  • Easy to install
  • Locks securely
  • Great fit & finish


  • Difficult to grasp to open and close

Best Pocket Door Locks Buying Guide

So, how to determine which is the best pocket door lock right for you?

Picking the right pocket door lock is a much more detailed and nuanced process.

To buy the right pick-proof pocket door lock you need to be aware of some information. Here is our buying guide to help you invest your money on the best product.

  •  Understand The Language of Locks

There are many things that you need to learn when it comes to buy the right lock for your need. Pins, lock cylinders, lock bumping and ANSI grading systems are some of the factors among them that you should consider.

Traditional door lock usually features only one cylinder. These are operated by an exterior key or interior twist turn. On the other hand, pocket door latch or lock comes with multiple cylinders.

  • Design

Pocket door locks come with different design for every design aesthetic. Two common lock styles are: Square/ rectangular and round. Some pocket door locks are Mortise-style.

Round style pocket door lock is a great option if you want to repurpose an older door or simply save on your remodeling budget. Consider the features that allow for comfortable use both sliding and lock operation.

  • Finish

Pocket door locks come in a variety of finishes. So, pocket door lock finish that matches with the rest of your hardware will definitely bring a vibe to your room.

  • Price

Smart and premium-quality pocket door lock may come with high price tag than conventional lock. If you go for the cheapest lock, it may be broken due to frequent use and the frequent replacement will cost you much. It’s wise to spend on a good-quality lock. The smart looking finish will also enhance the beauty of your home décor.

Keep in Mind!

Pocket door lock or interior lock is for providing privacy, not turn your home or specific space into a

What is pocket Door?

Pocket door is one type of interior door. It slides open and close. When open, it disappears into the recesses of the wall. They are particularly versatile architectural elements. They are there when you need privacy.

It helps divide up a specific space in your home. A pocket door is very useful if you don’t have enough room to swing the door one way or another.

About Pocket Door Lock

Pocket door lock mounts on the inside of the door flush with the surface. It allows the door to slide in and out of the pocket freely.

This type of lock mainly provides privacy for office or different areas of your home such as bedrooms, bathroom or anywhere else you might need a little bit of privacy.

Standard pocket door lock- This style pocket door lock is the most common. Installation of standard pocket door lock is a breeze. In general, they feature finger pull on the edge of the lock.

Round pocket door lock– If your door slab already has a hole bored in it for a standard doorknob, you can easily install a round pocket door lock.

Mortise lock box style– These are expensive, high-end lock system. But they require more technical carpentry to prep the door for installation of the lock.

If you want something to protect a specific room or area in your home, opt for the best heavy duty deadbolt available for that job.

How Does a Pocket Door Lock Work?

In general, round pocket door lock fits in any standard 2-1/8 inches hole. It lets you use your old or existing door for a pocket door. On the other hand, most square or rectangular shape pocket door locks come with a simple lever. This lever turns out from the door edge, which acts as a finger pull to help the door to slide out of the pocket

How to Install Pocket Door Lock

Basic door slab is perfect for square shape pocket door easy installation. You require cutting a notch in the edge of the pocket door in insert this style lock.

Round pocket door locks usually fit in any standard 2-1/8- inch (54mm) hole that allows you to use an existing door for a pocket door lock.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure (optional)
  • Jigsaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Drill

Step 1: Mark a comfortable height/ location on the edge of the door to install the lock.

Step 2: Place the provided installation template on the marked point.  Mark with a pencil or marker the dimension for cutting a notch in the door.

Step 3: Cut a notch on the marked line by using a jigsaw.

Step 4: Insert the lock into the notch and use the provided screw to snug the lock.

Step 5: Depending on the type of the lock and its instruction, install the jambs.

Step 6:  To attach the latch, cut off the spot by using a sharp chisel.

Step 7: Insert and join the latch to the jamb by using screws and a screwdriver/ drill.

Give it a try. If the lock works smoothly, then the installation is successful.

Don’t forget to wear hand gloves and goggles before start working.

Pocket Door Lock – FAQs

How high should the lock be on a pocket door?

Not only lock but also handles, latches, pulls and other operating components should be installed at height 34-inch or 864 mm minimum and 48-inch or 1219mm maximum above the finished door. However, if you use the lock for only security purposes, you may install it at any height.

What is the standard interior door thickness?

The standard thickness of an interior door is 1 3/8-inch to 1 ¾-inch.

Can I lock a sliding door?

Adding an extra lock to a sliding door is undoubtedly a good way to reinforce security.


Hope, you’ve found the best door lock for pocket door

We’ve tried our best to represent the most reliable information about each selected best brand pocket door lock. Now, it’s your turn to decide which one is the right for you!

Keep your room privacy aesthetically!

Thanks for reading our best pocket door lock reviews.

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